Wednesday, 13 January 2016

In conversation with....

Health is wealth – And so I told every chance I got while munching unmentionables. But finally I decided to end my long sabbatical towards fitness and started going for a morning walk. I know I know - Who starts going for morning walk when the whole nature is conspiring to freeze us to death. I talked myself into deciding to take up the gauntlet with determination.

Now every morning I wake up, sit on the bed and let myself list out all the reasons that I should miss going today and snuggle up cozy in my bed. And after I list it out, I say to myself “That’s all you got?” and I get up.

When I told this to my mother, first she looked at me with skepticism then she nodded with a solemn look on her face. Agreeing that, giving myself a pep talk will make me more determined to continue towards my goal.

 I wondered how many talk to themselves. The only person you ignore to talk to in this busy busy world is: You.

I know you might think am going crazy, asking you, if you talk to yourself. Isn’t that what crazy people do?

As a matter of fact, Talking to yourself is said to be a sign of genius. The smartest people on earth talk to themselves.

Albert Einstein talked to himself. reports that he “used to repeat his sentences to himself softly”

Our mind is muddled with so many thoughts and processes, unlike many of them think it is not at all like a book, it is more like heaps and heaps of papers and the wind is blowing it around in a room. So talking to yourself makes the wind stop for a while and calm down. All your attention will be focused on the words you are telling yourself. 

Talking to yourself makes your brain work more efficiently. Saying things out loud sparks memory. It solidifies the vision and makes it tangible. It helps organize your thoughts. While making a decision or faced with a complex problem, saying every point aloud to yourself and the steps you took or discarded will organize and streamline your thoughts.

As a matter of fact you might have noticed that children talk to themselves, especially while playing or solving a problem in the play. So it is not something you have to learn particularly after growing up. We will learn to talk to ourselves as children, but as we lose touch with most friends and near dear ones, we lose in touch with ourselves too.

It is stated by many researchers that talking about your goals to yourself (not only boasting to outside world) will help you achieve them faster.

Because talking to yourself means you are self-reliant. That you value your own thought process enough to seek help from it. These kind of people can solve any problem by themselves and acquire immense confidence about their person.

So go on, make your favourite drink, find a comfortable place and talk to yourself. Ask yourself how have you been? Are you happy or sad ? Are you satisfied or discontent ? Know yourself.

Whenever you are feeling lonely, whenever you are feeling demotivated, when you need a partner to bounce off your ideas or discuss a problem, when you are so angry that you are blowing steam from your ears, when you need consoling, when you just cant remember something, when you are stressed and just need to concentrate. Give yourself a talk, help yourself through.

Swami Vivekananda said "You have in you a thousand times more than is in all the books. Never lose faith in yourself, you can do anything in this universe. Never weaken, all power is yours"

The answer lies in you.

Did you ask ?


  1. In the Play (Dramas) there will be swagatha dialogues, the character talks to themselves about themselves or about their plan, coz..the character has to proclaim what is stored for the viewers or the audience.

    It is a connecting bridge for the character and the viewers / audience.

    Like wise, the way this writeup is structured, and continued and is a perfect bridge. It started well, ended well..and in between, it holds the readers imagination / thinking process in its grip...and end result....

    Arey..hey sahi hai..apne aap se kuch na kuch baath karnaa hi hai...(sorry for my bad hindi)... the the is flowing nicely and ofcourse wisely...

    Nivi too on the eve of sankranti..where sun himself takes a path to resurrect himself and the earth...super

  2. Wow really a good one. Looking for more soon.

  3. Wow really a good one. Looking for more soon.