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Head to toe - The signs you show - Part two

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Some of the popular gestures and actions are like this

The head position of a person can indicate what is the initial reaction of the person of what he is hearing. A neutral head position means neutral attitude, he has not decided either way. Where as when the head tilts to one side it shows that he is interested and if the head is down, it shows that the attitude is negative and even judgmental. 

A person who has a "know- it-all" attitude normally holds both his hands behind his head which is normally found to be irritating to others. This gesture is typical of professionals like lawyers, sales managers, bank managers etc. 

Hand on the hips pose is the most common gestures used by people to communicate an aggressive attitude. You can imagine your mom and dad often using this pose while telling you about your bad behaviour

When you lean against other people or objects, you are showing that you have a territorial claim to that object or person. But leaning is also used as a method of dominance or intimidation when the object being leaned on belongs to someone else.

For example : if you are taking a photograph of a friend and his his new car, home or other property, you will inevitably find that he leans against his newly acquired property, putting his foot on it etc. When he touches the property, it becomes an extension of his body and in this way he shows others that it belongs to him. 

When you are copying the gestures of the person with whom you are talking, it shows that you are in agreement with his ideas and attitude. You are non-verbally saying to the other "As you can see, I think the same as you, so I will copy your posture and gestures"

If you are attending an interview or meeting your employer etc, to create a relaxed environment ant to develop immediate rapport, you only need to copy that person's posture to achieve this. This will put them in a receptive and relaxed frame of mind, as they can "See" that you understand his point of view.

In many circumstances while we are deferring to another person's superiority we lower ourselves physically to show the submission. Historically, lowering the height of one's body in front of another person has been used as a means of establishing superior / subordinate relationships. 

This lowering the body gesture can at times get you out of sticky situations, because it non-verbally communicates that you are deferring to the other person's authority. If you are stopped by traffic policeman for breaking any rule. If you don't get out of your car and making the policeman lean down on you, you are creating a physical barrier of car in between you and making him lower himself where as in this circumstance, the police officer is obviously in a superior position to you. By doing this you are making things worse. 

Rather than that if you get immediately out of your car and go over, stoop your body over so that you are smaller in size, lower yourself by telling how foolish you were and by doing it raising his status. Additionally talking with you palms out to show you are being truthful, this is get you out of a sticky situation more than usual times. 

 People often try to control to show what they are actually feeling and most of the times they concentrate all their control on  facial expressions and hand gestures. But even the position or movement of feet can tell you the truth. Fidgeting while under stress or when they are nervous, tapping the foot, shuffle etc. Feet is relaxed when they are relieved of tension.

And also in a group the position of a feet can tell you where they are interested. If they are  having a impersonal conversation they will have a open triangular or loosely formed group where anybody is welcome to weight in. If they are talking something intimate their feet will point only towards the person they are communicating with and show that its closed conversation. 

The foot indicates the direction in which  a person would like to go, but they are also used to point at people who are interesting or attractive. 

There are also certain postures which will trick your mind to think something else. When you need a boost of confidence you can hold your body in expansive "high power" poses. That is leaning back with hands behind the head and feet up on a desk or standing with legs and arms stretched wide open. Even done for two minutes this stimulates higher levels of testosterone - the hormone linked to power and prominence.

To improve your speech, use your hands. Brain imaging has shown that a region called Broca's area, which is important for speech production is active not only when we are talking, but also when we wave our hands. So gesturing as we talk can actually power up our thinking. 

There is also a "super human pose" where you stand straight with legs apart, fists on  your hips and shoulders back with your head tilted up. Which will boost your confidence and make you  feel like you are superman and can do anything. Use this technique before taking a momentous work on your hands. 

To remember what that other person is talking don't cross your hands or legs while they are speaking, this open gesture will make your mind more receptive to accept other's thoughts.

This is just a tip of iceberg, if you constantly observe yourself and others you will understand the basic gestures and subtle differences in they body according to the circumstance. Know more about yourself by knowing what non verbal signals your body is emoting. 

P.S. Good luck reading others and yourself  :)

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  1. The medicine field is growing with great is penetrating deeper in to the body of the living the study of physical features of the living things..

    Everything penned down in this article is carefully chiseled piece. It requires lots of analysis, and observation and above all a perfect judgement.

    You are going in the right path or rather unravelingzz is revealing a perfect path...

    superb nivi...a lesson to be learnt after reading the two parts of the body language...

    Hats off