Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Passing thoughts - 1 - Letting go

Loving somebody is maybe the most easiest of acts. There is no set rule to fall in love or raise up in love (whichever is your preference). You can like a person on first sight or gradually come to love them. You may love them because they are such an integral part of your life or because they make your yearn for something out of it. You may love them just because you are supposed to or because they were there at the right time. 

But its the letting go part that hurts so much. The very thought that we have to move on makes your heart cringe. Whenever I feel someone is trying to move away from me, I double up my efforts on keeping them close. Am sure most of you do that. It takes some time for me to breathe deep and tell myself, its ok. Its ok to let go from your side. 

If they are letting go of their end of the rope, then no matter how hard or fast you hold you can't pull them close again. It makes me think of all the reasons why would they want to leave me. It takes time to know that it doesn't matter what the reason is.

Later one day down the lane, you wake up to realize that you did move on. And no matter how hard you just cant remember the most intricate parts of their touch, voice or smile. Sometimes that hurts more, that we forgot the person so easily, whom we loved so fiercely. All that remains is ghost of their memories which doesn't even stir your heart.

But that's how we work. We lose the memory of non-recharged sensations. What is left are memories like long forgotten photographs of an age old album.

Just a thought


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  3. Nivi special at again

    The injured skin after getting dried or healing peels off...but pain is not for the skin but the muscle attached to it.

    What a lovely way to analyse a bad phase of a beautiful bond...when it pains for only one of them with muscles and bones...

    Wonderful nivi