Sunday, 14 February 2016

I Love being in Love ...

 According to Hatfield and Walster, people seem to experience two quite different forms of love - passionate love and compassionate love.. blah .. blah ,.. blah.. blah..... :)

Amidst all the scientific jargon people are now a days trying to explain to prove that love is an intense physical and chemical reaction in us. I still believe being in love. Rather let me say this, I love being in Love. 

I believe in love at first sight, second, third or even hundredth sight, I sigh at love stories, cry at romantic movies. I believe in the miracles and magic  and I still believe that if there is enough love in this world, we can achieve world peace. 

You might ask Why?. We are staying in the times where terrorism is common, hatred is normal, being jealous is justified and love is skeptical. Then why I am drawn into the magic of love. 

Because I believe that everyone of us is a closet romantic, person who tries to be cool by being aloof but is all marshmallow and candy inside. 

Oh I have had my phases of darkness and brooding, being sad and lonely. Until I realized that nobody is going to love me If I don't love myself. Oh don't get me wrong, I do hate myself for somethings, but ultimately I love myself :)

Many of us have a stigma that we don't love yourself unless we lose weight, get that dream job, unless someone we love approves of us etc., But that is the thing, love teaches to be unconditional, love yourself and others as they are. Nobody can love you as much as you love yourself but don't be a narcissist, love yourself but don't be blind to your misgivings. 

But this is an info blog so let me unravel some awesome effects of loving yourself. 

  1. We become responsible for our lives. Stop blaming others and start taking control, there may be hundreds of reasons for your sadness and difficult times. But who is stopping you from moving on from there to a better place. You. You are the reason for your happiness, the source of your love and power.
  2.  It will make you accept yourself. When you start accepting yourself, your sense of security increases. Your happiness will not be dependent on somebody else and their love. You are independent or to say dependent on yourself.
  3. The more love you have in you, the more you can love and accept others. When you think negative, showing positiveness is hypocrisy. Which will ultimately break you down with confusion and regret
  4. You will be at peace and calm inside. Which will help you process things faster, accept faster and move to next step faster
  5. You will smile more and you already know how good a good smile is 
  6. People around you will be much happier, because of your positive nature.
  7. You will connect with the world. We let go of loneliness and embrace the world with its people.
  8. You wont mind being alone and spending time with yourself. Loneliness doesn't hover in the horizon threatening to overwhelm you as soon as you are alone. 
  9. You wont be afraid to be vulnerable. You will accept mistakes and failures and try to learn from that. 
Among all these positive things, I can't finish this article without some warning

  1. In the spirit of loving yourself don't become a narcissistic snob. You are not the queen/king of the world. You are the ruler of your own world. Have that in mind.
  2. Love is all about only love. Don't use love yourself concept to degrade others and put them down. You can only raise as far as you help others to raise.
  3. Your love shouldn't blind yourself from your own shortcomings. No matter how much you love yourself, if you hurt somebody be strong enough to feel guilty and make amends. Love is humble not arrogant.
  4. Loving yourself completely doesn't mean that you have nothing to improve. There is always room for improving oneself. Recognize that and accept it.
  5. Loving yourself doesn't mean you love others less. If you truly love yourself you will recognize the love in others and it will just multiply. If your love is stopping that, then it is not love. 


  P.S: Go on hug yourself, admire yourself and let yourself know that you are worthy of love. 


  1. The world without love is a like a flower without fragrance.

    When i read through this blog..i was feeling sitting alone staring at a white wall (remember kannada movie amruthavarshini) and am able to see myself over there.

    Wow..such a under current message with a apt picture..very nicely brought the way how we should admire ourselves without being carried away without the word called LOVE.

    I admire each and every do's and dont's highlighted in this beautiful writeup. Love always stays and rules the world..

    super nivi

    1. :) Thank you.. and as per the talk didnt use the word Valentine